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About us

Our Mission

Cadenrock's mission is to provide high quality consulting services and exceed expectations in order to become a valuable strategic asset to our clients.

We perform vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, and provide Linux systems administration and PHP programming services.

Our ability to create value allows managers to rely on us heavily in the ever-changing face of technology challenges.

Our Story

Since 2005, Cadenrock has been looking at unique ways of providing network security consulting services. Steve Helms has been immersed in network security since 1994 while still studying at Texas A&M University. He was introduced to both *NIX systems and security and they naturally go hand-in-hand with each other in our operations. After years of systems administration and mastering in-depth security defensive solutions, the tides turned and we went offensive and spend much of our time attacking websites and systems looking for weaknesses. We of course tell our clients what we find!

We excel at finding the most efficient ways to solve complex problems. We've created tools to manage DNS services and quickly create reports using multiple data inputs. It's always a treat to find a new way to solve a problem whether that solution be another great service, or simply a new set of keystrokes to get something done faster.

We aim to provide the highest quality services to our clients and do so with integrity.

Our Services

We provide network security consulting, Linux systems administration, and PHP programming services.

PHP Programming

Secure PHP programming for every application using the latest frameworks and technologies. We maintain several legacy applications and love developing new applications using Laravel. We love deploying our apps in LEMP (Linux Nginx MySQL PHP) environments on one of many cloud services (AWS, Rackspace, Softlayer, Linode, Digital Ocean, etc). Security is always a top priority for us since we've seen the ugly side of data that can be compromised from a poorly written application.

Linux Administration

We provide Linux administration at its finest. We've been using Linux and various other *NIX systems since 1993 and still going strong. We not only have experience with various Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, RedHat, and CentOS, but various UNIX operating systems as well (Solaris, AIX, HPUX).

Network Security

We can assist in securing your network by performing vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and web application testing. We have skills using Nessus, Qualys, Core Impact, Burp Suite, MetaSploit, and a multitude of other open source tools to accurately assess and attack various systems.

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